Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We love Costa Rica, what a good trip....

If you ever get the chance to go, DO IT! And if you have the budget, stay at the Lookout Inn on the Osa Peninsula ( The food is all organic, all homemade everyday and the beach is literally 30 seconds from the Inn. This is not your typical lodge, it's an outdoor Inn with cool huts and bungalos to stay in. You eat all meals outside on the two decks they have an you hang out on the beach all day. We hiked a bunch, saw lots of animals and cool waterfalls. Dan got to surf almost everyday and I read two books and relaxed and watched the waves all day.

To get there, we took two Delta Flights to get to San Jose, CR. We then took a small charter flight to Puerto Himenez, then an even smaller 5 seater charter to Carate-the small airstrip next to the beach. There is no town, just the Inn and the Corcovado NP and of course the amazing beach and rainforest!



Kerrah and Justin Van Dorn said...

Merry Freakin Christmas!!! I'm so jealous, it looks fabulous, we should go there, soon!!!

Adair said...

Wow, I'm jealous too! My friend lived there for a while and said it was absolutely beautiful. I miss you and Ali. Really can we hang out? I would love it