Monday, October 1, 2012

We have a new home!
I will no longer be posting here.
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My Real Life

Sunday, September 30, 2012


A bunch of videos I've been meaning to post for Grandma's and Grandpa's

First time at the Skills Park. He is seriously killing it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Life the past week or so...
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 I turned 32 last Sunday.  A quick family photo that morning before I went on a ride.
 My happy place. 
 I told Dan all I wanted to do was go on a ride for my birthday :)
It was a fun week!
 Meet Munch.  Sam's soothing item of choice.  He's had this in his bed since the day he was born.  When he was about 5-6 months old, he started putting an ear or leg in his mouth when he slept.  Fast forward to now...he's been putting that one dang leg in his mouth and then loves to rub the tail on his face (kids are so silly!)  I've been saying for a couple months I was going to cut the leg(s) off.  It's just like if he were to have a binki or suck his thumb (only way gross since it's yucky material now).  It was time to wean him from it. I couldn't just cut one leg off, because of course, he'd just start putting the others in his mouth again.  So, I cut all of them off and sewed them up.  Did he miss them?  Sort of.  Was he sad?  Kind of.  Does he use it to soothe him anymore?  Nope.  He was basically like "I don't need munch, put him over there. He lost his legs"  He's still in his bed, but he rarely pays attention to him.  I think I'll hide him away here soon since he's  not really interested. End of another phase of his little life :)
 I took him to the skate park last week.  He LOVED, and I mean loved it!  
And, got pretty darn good at it too by the time we left.
 He picked his very own pumpkin.  
We had seven total and I let him pick all of them since they stopped growing.  
He was so, so excited.
Sunday he decided to wake up at 6am and then refuse to nap.  Of course, minutes after we get in the car to go to family dinner in Park City, he fell asleep.  He was so tired.  The only reason I was glad for that was because he really wanted to snuggle and lay on me for a while after we got there.  
Oh, it was precious!
 Went for one last swim outside on Saturday.  It was perfect!
Then, it turned really cool and rainy.  He insisted on rain boots and my green hat.
 It's beautiful today and the cooler temps are awesome. 
 And he's been spending good quality time with these two so Mark and Ali can work on their house without distractions. 
We've been having fun!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lots of randomness

This post is going to be very random with lots of pics.  Hope ya don't mind!
Grandpa Mike came to visit on his way back to CA.  We had two projects for him.  SO happy he's always willing and wanting to do these things for us.  The wood floor wasn't as easy as we thought, but he made it work and we love, love it (instead of the dingy carpet)
 Of course, Sam always has to be with Grandpa...or watching him or near him.

Sam watched him like a hawk!
Thank you SO, SO much Mike.

 About two weeks ago, Sam was very interested in his big boy undies.  So, we tried to potty train.  Although he had a great and successful poop in the toilet, he had zero purposeful pees and had probably 25+ pee accidents in the two full days we worked on it.  He's ready for poops, but not for pees.  We'll revisit this issue in January, or when he shows more readiness.  Never hurts to try!

 Sam and Siri have been hanging out quite a bit.  When it's just these two, they're like brother and sister. 
 I adore it.
 For the most part,  happy and laughing with each other all the time.
 Dan and Sam's new game.  Yes,  I was really nervous when I first saw them doing this.  He's a pro now.
 Sharing my passion for bikes with of the greatest things ever.
 My beautiful sisters.  Love them.
 My absolute favorite time of year to ride.  The colors are on FIRE up high.  This was my first time back since last fall on one of my favorite trails. 
 Wasatch Crest.
 Our Naomi block (Thank you Lindsay Picard Bennun for this lovely gift)  It sits on the shelf above the TV.  I'm reminded of her always and I just love it.
 Yesterday....yesterday was a hard day for me, despite really fun things going on. I had a great day filled with a most awesome early bday gift from Dan (a drop seatpost for my bike, heaven!) and a get together with our close friends.  Some days are just harder than others for me emotionally and mentally.  I was thinking of Naomi and the entire experience a lot.  I cried four times.  It was bound to happen, as I haven't cried in  several days.  I'm learning how to handle this whole grieving process and by just letting my emotions be as they are, it's best.  Surrounding myself with family and friends is obviously great for me, but sometimes that just doesn't lift my mood.  I just had to let myself be sad and mad.  It was good.
I'm so thankful for this precious little man, who makes me laugh and smile (and sometimes yell!) daily.  Same goes for Dan.
I'm going back to work part time on Oct. 8th.  We're sending Sam to Kinder Care-that place is awesome.  I'm looking forward to a change in my daily routine and for Sam to thrive twice a week at this daycare/preschool environment.   I'm already thinking about the first morning I drop him off and how sad, happy and anxious I'll be for him...well, for me mostly.  I need to learn to let go.  He's SO ready to be in that kind of atmosphere.  To socialize, to learn and to make new friends.  Wish us all luck!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Flashback Friday

I love to look back and see how Sam has grown.
August 2010
September 2010
 August 2011
September 2011
 August 2012
September 2012
Such a little man now.
And a shout out to Siri.  Happy 4th Birthday!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bear Lake

What a fun time we had!
Perfect weather (minus the one afternoon of huge wind)
Perfect water
and great company...Grandpa Mike and Ellen.
We play lots and lots.  Ate good food, did some biking and enjoyed a relaxing time.
This place is beautiful!

 Ideal Beach is great because it's so kid friendly.  Huge lawn, sand, playground and awesome water.  I wouldn't however pay that much again to stay in such an old condo :)  The trade off is how limited the crowds are, so that was nice.
 Good morning.
 Dan and I got to ride while Grandpa and Ellen stayed with Sam.
View from the ride called Stump Hollow.

It was seriously windy in this photo.  Had to go in just after coming out it was so bad.  Thank goodness that didn't last too long.
 Grandpa showing Sam how to dance in the water :)
 Running in for more!
 Caught his own crawfish
 Clear ripples of sand and water.

Lots of sandcastle building.
 Dad, Grandpa and Ellen rode while Sam and I had some alone time....shakes and french fries!
 Went for a short hike/bike to see a cool Limber Pine tree.
 He got REALLY good at this climbing wall.
 So pretty.
 Also lots of rock throwing.  LOTS.
 Just me and my boy.
 Frisbee time!
 Love them
 Grandpa brought this cool raft.  Sam was SO ready to get in.  It was awesome!
These adorable.
It was great to get away and see Grandpa, as always.  Can't wait for his return this coming Sunday for a bit!