Sunday, July 6, 2008


I've been tagged by Brooke! I'm bad at these kinds of things and don't love them, but I'll try...

1) 5 things on my "to do" list:

1. Get the front yard done and the seed in for the grass in the back. Anyone that knows us, knows we've had to start our yard from's been a long process. Oh, and HARD work.

2. Sign up for a sprint Triathlon. I'm scared, but know I can do it.

3. Get my geneology going. I really need to do this w/ Dan.

4. Replace most of our wedding photos to updated ones. Wedding photos are great, but they get a bit old after a while all around the house.

5. One more for fun...get together w/ Brooke, Sally (and see her cute babe) and Steph.

5. Read a new book.

2) 5 Snacks I LOVE!

1. Sixlets!

2. Watermelon

3. Celery w/ Laughing cow swiss

4. Luna Bars (smore's or peppermint stick, YUM)

5. White Nectarines. These aren't super good till this time of the year.

3) 5 things I'd do if I suddenly became a millionaire:

1. Pay off my house.

2. Donate a bunch to various charities, church...etc.

3. Buy new skis (and a road bike)...well, maybe 2 pair of skis :)

4. Put lots into savings (investments) for kids, emergencies and retirement.

5. Travel to Europe, AK, Australia and New Zealand to start. Go to Costa Rica again.

4) 5 Places I've lived:

1. Jackson Wyoming


3. Sugarhouse UT

4. Little Cottonwood UT

5. Sandy UT

5) 5 Jobs I've had:

1. Lifeguard

2. Receptionist

3. REI

4. Merchandiser for all lodges in Grand Teton National Park

5. Phone and Livehelp Gearhead, Fraud specialst, Trainer and now HR for

6) 5 things people don't know about me:

1. I'm a fountain of knowledge when it comes to health and fitness. Dan and Ali say I should become a personal trainer...maybe someday.

2. I'm so scared of heights and didn't used to be. It's kind of crazy how much they scare me at this point.

3. I have a phobia of spiders. No matter what size, color or anything. I am deathly afraid of them all!

4. My family knows this, but I LOVE, LOVE the food network and public television cooking shows. I could watch them all day. Not kidding.

5. I didn't cook my first meal for Dan until 2 years after we were married. He's such a good cook that I let him do it. I decided I needed to help and make stuff on my own so I've been cooking a lot lately. Love it.

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Brooke said...

I seriously think you are the only person that has answered that tag!
We really do need to get together and we really need to stop saying that. Will you give me your e-mail and we will plan something!!