Sunday, September 7, 2008


I remember the last scope I had, I ended up recovering really fast, which is what I'm expecting this time around...or so I thought. I'm still pretty swollen from surgery Thursday and it hurts more this time! I knew there was a chance that being 7 years older would delay the process a bit (kinda sad, don't ya think?!)

I can walk w/ out much pain but can't walk down stairs normal yet. I've been doing my exercises faithfully and can't wait to get on my spin bike in a couple days! I'm not sure I really realized just how active of a person I am til yesterday. I'm going insane on the couch just resting. I can't imagine a life sitting on a couch watching TV or movies a boring.

I've had lots of visitors, mostly Re and Jamon. I also had Este with Ali, my Mom and Kate-she's is SO cute by the way. Thanks to Dan for taking me to Lone Star Taqueria for my favorite tacos yesterday...what an outing!


Steph said...

SIR! Hope you are feeling ok today! Darn those knees. hope to see you soon:)

Liz said...

LIZ!!! You had surgery again??? aAAck! What did you do this time? =) Anyhow, I reckon you'll heal quickly.