Sunday, October 5, 2008

Colors and fun

Dan and I took a couple of our friends up to the cabin for a quick overnight stay. We made yummy hot chocolate, ate the best popcorn and played some crazy UNO. We at a gut busting breakfast Saturday morning then left to get ready for our annual fall party. has a huge party where our vendors donate TONS and TONS of gear/prizes. The party consists of good food, socializing, dancing, hanging out and getting to know people we don't normally see...Oh, and we all wear white.

We always have a random drawing for some bigger prizes and my name got called last night. I won a 5 day ski trip to Jackson, paid for by Marmot!!!! I was SO, SO excited! They fly us there, put us in a really nice hotel and pay for 5 days of skiing as well. I think Dan is more excited than I am....what a great weekend! (and Ali came to the party, I was so glad!)


Ali T said...

I'm so sad we missed the cabin...but Siri will be ready to roll come spring time. I was so glad to go to the party too, thanks for calling me all the time to make sure I was coming! Lucky duck...have fun in Jackson.

Liz said...

Woa that is SO AWESOME about the Jackson trip! You guys will have so much fun. =) Happy bday too!