Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A tiny baby what we saw at our 2nd appt. tonight! Lots of people know already but a lot don't. We'll be welcoming this little precious thing around January 10th. We love, love our doctor, mainly because he's Marks brother and how couldn't you love someone like that, right? (oh, and he's pretty good at what he does too :)) I've been sick, sick, sick but getting much better as the days and weeks go on. It's been really hard not getting the exercise I'm used to and eating whatever sounds matter how bad it might be for me. I've been riding a bit, but can't wait to get back into a regular routine, it will feel so good!

I look forward for all the months to come until kiddo arrives. We'll find out boy or girl in August!

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Steph said...

yipee!!!! I am so excited for you both! Let's do lunch asap whatever sounds yummy to you that day. :)