Sunday, September 27, 2009

new roof, new fence....lots of work

I feel very lucky that Dan (and his dad) are so handy. He and his Dad tore off the old roof and put a new one on last weekend, it looks SOOOO great! I could tell on that third day of like, 12 hours of work they were ready to be done. Thanks again Mike for coming all the way out here to help us, we could never repay you and we won't have anymore leaks!

Dan put up a new fence on the outside of the house. This was mainly to make the curb appeal better and to make us feel good. He worked all of a day and a couple hours to put it handy :) Oh, and I did help. I stained the entire fence!
Maybe we'll get some sod down in the back yard so that we have a place to play w/ little boy next summer. (owning a home is hard work, but SO worth it)

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