Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a face

We had our last ultrasound yesterday. It was SO amazing to see his little face and parts so clear! Everything seems to be going great and he seems to be healthy and happy in there. Now, we just wait for something to happen and I see my doc weekly starting on the 15th. I like to say that I want him to come early because of the discomfort I'm in and I really want to meet him, but that means our time sleeping in and lounging around, doing our own thing will come to an end :)

We're ready though, so I can't wait to become a mom and start learning day by day what in the world I'm doing!
(if you can't tell in the pic, that's his nose, eyes, some lips and hands down there)

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Angie said...

Hi Liz! I haven't looked at your blog for a while and I can't believe that you are almost ready to have this little boy. You look great :). I know what you mean about being so uncomfortable and ready for this little guy to be here and to start the life of a Mommy. You'll be a great mom. Doug and I are very excited for you and Dan!