Saturday, January 30, 2010


Dan's mom and sister came into town Tuesday for the week and we have been LOVING it! I'm so happy they could spend time here with me so I'm not so lonely and they just adore Sam, of course :) We've been to lunch, dinner, walking and things which has been really nice to get out. We also had lunch w/ my sisters which was great too.

Sam is doing great. He saw his doc yesterday and now weighs 8lbs 3oz, a whole 1/2 lb more than his birth weight, so he's right on track. Luckily, feeding is going pretty well, although I can't wait til he becomes less sleepy at the boob ;) We've got a pretty good schedule going now so that I get enough sleep and Dan gets a full 7-8 hours so he's nice and chipper for work. I do admit though that I love the weekend when he's here to hang out with us!

I'm feeling really good and did my first real workout this morning with the help of Dan. I'm going to follow and learn more on It's really hard, but I know the benefits of doing it will be amazing say, 9-12 months from now. I've also never been this hungry in my life so I eat everything I can, only now I focus on healthy options but don't shy away from a good treat, as I need so many calories right now. Producing this milk is hard work!

Oh, and did I mention before that Jenn is expecting baby #2? We're so excited for her!

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