Friday, February 19, 2010

This little guy is starting to smile more, coo and make more noises these days, we just love it!  He's also starting grow out of his newborn clothes so quickly, it's crazy.  I'm really cherishing these days I have left with a "newborn" cause it's just flying by, despite times when I think it's going so slow (mainly during our middle of the night feeding :))  I put him into an outfit this morning and he didn't even fit in it, too tall already, sheesh! 
I'm excited for him to keep growing and growing, to find his hands and feet more and to giggle and giggle.
Thankfully, he's been a pretty darn good baby so far, especially when I put him down right after he eats, anywhere between 2:30 and 5am, what a good boy.

Also, to any moms out there, this little contraption is the BEST thing I've found for a swaddle.  Way better than blankets or the swaddle me or snug n' tug things.  It's stretchy spandex/cotton blend and allows his feet to move freely and also for his hands to move up and down to help with his motor skills-it's more comfy and mimics more of what it was like in the womb.  It's called a Woombie.  I'll for sure be passing these onto my sisters who have more kids in the future, as it's solved our problem of how strong and wiggly Sam is when he sleeps so he doesn't flail around and startle himself.  It's coming in handy to help him sleep better at night, which is a huge bonus :)

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