Saturday, March 13, 2010

2 months

Oh how we love this boy!
He's two months today and such a joy.  He had his first round of shots yesterday and did great.  In fact, I thought he'd be more fussy, but he just wasn't-thankfully.   He was a bit fussy and needed some holding and loving in the late afternoon, but after he ate at 6pm, he fell asleep when we went to dinner and continued to sleep until we fed him around 9:30pm and went right down after that, not one peep until 7:50am...yes!
Some things
*He sleeps  for 9-11 hrs every night for the past 2.5 weeks.
*He's a lot more vocal, aware and has lots of poop!
*I can see his sleeping patterns during the day, but he's a crappy napper-hoping that will get better.
*He loves to lay under the play mat and look at stuff.
*Still loves his time on the changing pad...he smiles a lot when he gets his diaper changed.
*He sucks on his fingers but LOVES the binki
*He sort of likes tummy time, but not really.  We make him do it anyway.
*He's super healthy
*10.8 lbs and 23 inches long.  He's 30% for his weight and 73% for his height...weird, cause we're both short!  I wonder if he'll be taller than us?  Probably not :)  And, his head is a normal size, despite how big it looks!
*Overall he's a normal baby that fusses when he's tired, poopy or uncomfortable.  Other than that, he's pretty content...especially in the swing.

Love you Sam!

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