Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3 months

3 months old and time seems to go so fast! I'm sure the next 3 will go by before we know it :)
Sam is so cute these days.  I've been trying to capture all of his happy/smiling moments on camera and video, but whenever we pull them out and point them at his face,  he gets all serious like, "why are you pointing that at me," so it's been tough to get all those big smiles and happy times, ugh!
*He loves the playmat
*He LOVES, loves sucking on his hands and fingers
*Still dislikes tummy time, but we do it anyway
*Likes to play "so big!" He can stand while holding your hand for quite some time.  Strong boy!
*Can sit in the bumbo no problem...until he's bored or tired :)
*Looks at his hands in amazement.  I love catching him in that moment.
*He's SO good at his going to bed routine (Dan does this w/ him most nights).  We read, rock, snuggle, change, swaddle and then feed him around 7:30pm.  He normally goes right down without a peep until 7am.  We are counting our blessings.  Such a good sleeper at night.
*Getting better at naps during the day.  Finally goes down w/ out crying his head off and will sleep anywhere from 45min-1 hr 20 min, but normally just 1 hr if I'm lucky.  He takes 3 short naps during the day and a quick cat nap around 6pm.
*Smiles a lot when...he's on the changing pad, we smile or sing or stick our tongue out at him, loves that.
*He does the cutest "nuzzling" in your arms when he's tired and gets super pink/red eyes.  There is no way you couldn't know when he's ready for sleep, as he makes it obvious.  Oh, and the crying, can't miss that :)
*Much more awake during the day, knows our voices, holds toys and had his first time in the jumper the other day.  It was awesome!
*We love our daytime routine.  Well, I guess I should say I love it.  He eats pretty regularly every 3 hrs.  He's  good at the feed, wake, sleep cycle.  He eats 5x's a day right now followed by lots of playtime and then a nap.
We'll see how much he weighs next month at his 4 month checkup.  I'm guessing he weighs 12.5+ lbs now.
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Sam! (or Sammers as we call him)
Here's a few pics from the last month, mainly so I can look back and remember these times...

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Jessica, Tavis & Davin Cain said...

you all look so great! and little sam is absolutely adorable!! keep up the good work mama - and dada :)