Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just hangin' around

Sam still isn't too fond of tummy time, but he's slowly getting a bit better.  When I say better, I mean he doesn't cry and cry right when we try to do it.  Yesterday, he actually didn't cry at all and after he had some good head lifts and things, I found him just hanging out.  He stayed like this for quite some time.  I just love him!  Oh and he's 16 wks today and has his 4 month check up this coming Monday.  Time flies.

Also, being a Mom is hard.  I don't really ever blog about that.   I don't think any new mom-to- be can know what it will be like, I sure didn't- now that I look back.    It's the hardest, most rewarding 24/7 job ever :)  I seriously look up to/love/adore my own mom SO much more now that I have one of my own.

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Brooke said...

AMEN about how hard it is to be a mom! I am so glad that Sam is doing so well, he looks so big and healthy!