Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Might as well have two new blog posts in one day, right?
There's just too much exciting news all around right now.

Jenn and Dave welcomed baby #2, Max on Monday.  He is SO precious, tiny, smells yum, has AWESOME hair and I love him already.  Jenn was in good spirits yesterday and she'll do great with Kate and Max.  Sam and Max are sure to have fun together, as they're only 5 1/2 months apart, so great.
These two sillies are expecting baby #2 on January 12th, one day before Sam's b-day and I'm so, so, so excited for them and that baby and Sam will be one year (almost to the day) apart.  Congrats!
And here's a Sam pic, just cause I love it so much.  Happy boy.

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