Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday fun

What a great birthday/weekend it was!  Most of my siblings and some friends came over on Thursday for some grilling and b-day cake, it was so fun to have everyone there to celebrate.  Also went to the yummiest breakfast with my Mom and Ali.  Hagermanns is SO, SO have to go there.
I love this picture so much.  Little baby Max looks so cute there with his hat in the car seat :)
Sam was kind of into the party...he mostly liked playing with the balloons we attached to his booster seat.
                            (the ladies riding the practice loop on the slickrock trail at sunset)
I headed down to ride bikes in Moab with some friends all weekend while Dan was the best Dad and stayed with Sam all weekend.  It's the longest I've been away from Sam yet.  I loved, loved being down there, but I sure did miss them!  Dan is heading down there this coming weekend to ride bikes while I stay here with the little guy :)
We did a ride called the Porcupine Rim and started way up high at Hazard.  It was about 22 miles of really, really fun and scenic riding.  I had all my pads on since it's a pretty techy trail with lots of rocks and such!
The Element was awesome on this road/camping trip (first road trip we've taken it on).  It carried 4 bikes, 3 people and all of our stuff.  I also slept in it at night...soooo roomy and comfy!
Rode Amasa Back before we left yesterday.  Normally it's a great ride with lots of climbing to the top and a really fast and fun downhill, but we started too late in the morning so it was REALLY hot.  All of us were pretty much dying at the top and couldn't wait for it to be over so we could pack up and go home to a cool house.  I still managed to have fun though...
Can't beat the views down there and that's one reason we love being there so much.  We can't wait to take Sam down for some camping in the spring.  Thanks to everyone for such a fun 30th!

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