Sunday, December 5, 2010

My house smells like gingerbread and I LOVE it!  You should try THIS recipe for a quick and easy holiday treat.  Very yummy.
We've had a nice, relaxing weekend.  My brother Justin was sneaky and left us a Christmas tree Friday night, which we can't thank him enough for.  How nice and generous, seriously. So thankful.
Sam was kind of amazed and of course, wanted to touch it for a while.
 Despite two more teeth making their way in on the top, he's been fairly happy.  Last night before I left to watch Izac and Alex, he was probably the saddest, most clingy he's been yet.  Seriously, it took my patience to a whole new level.  Poor little boy.
Dan made some amazing turkey stock.  SO good.  He simmered it for a day and a half.  Again...SO good.
He love, loves his camelbak.  He's a pro at drinking out of it now...anytime he sees a water bottle like this, he wants it.

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