Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I was going through some pictures on our computer this week and found some pics from back in the day that just make me happy!  I love looking at random pictures from 7-10 yrs ago.

 Family ski day.  I hope, hope, hope we can do that again sometime soon.  It's been far too long.
(Justin, Mom, Dave, Jenn, Ali, Mark & Dan)
 Girls trip to Bear Lake almost 6 years ago.  The weather was poopy, but we had a great time!
(Ali & Jenn)
 A little Izac at the cabin.  He is Justin all the way as far as looks go.  SO cute.
 Cute Mom
 Leaving Dan's home in CA.  I was so, so sick in this pic.  Surprised I even smiled.  I was 5 months pregnant and the the first half of the road trip back home was not good to me.  Blah.
Ali and me about 9 years ago now.  As you can see, she was skiing A LOT back then :)  I had just had knee surgery and put my crutch aside for the pic.  Such good times.
 And for some up to date pics...  Sam and I went on a hike up Bells last week.  It was SO nice and he does so well in the pack (thank you SO much Ali for letting us use it!)

He loved to just stare at the cars going by and tried to step and walk in the snow probably 30 times.  He was so mad when we had to go.  I'm loving his puffy suit.

 Had a nice Sunday walk at a park nearby.  We love to go here because it has nice paths to walk around and a fun playground in the middle.  I want the super sunny weather back!
 He was cruisin'
Happy Wednesday!

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