Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh what do you do when it's winter time??
 You play and play and play in the house and never clean up cause it'll be right back like this after he wakes up :)
 Have to take water breaks during all the playing.  It's hard work!
 You clap for yourself cause you're so proud of what you did
 You find anything to entertain, play and have fun with.  These snowflake ears were a big hit for two days solid.  I got these almost 5 yrs ago at a Backcountry.com party and figured I'd store them away thinking...One day our baby might like to play with these!  Seriously.
 Watched Ali play at an indoor game last week.  Sam LOVED watching through the windows, just walking back and forth, making sure everyone could hear and see him.  He'd also try and "shout" when Siri would say "go Mom!"
 Played with cousins during the Super Bowl.  I can remember when Benjamin was so, so little and now he's so, so grown up!
 We love to go to storytime, Gymboree and play with cousins & friends when it's too cold.  Makes the days go by quick!  He looks like such the toddler in this pic.  Growing too fast.
Practice typing with Dad.  He mostly loves to move & click the mouse.
And we wear our beanies while keeping a death grip on the baby medicine.  I love winter and can't wait to take him skiing, but I could SURE use some warmer weather right now.

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