Sunday, February 20, 2011


Some pics from last week and the weekend...
It's definitely not flowers and rainbows everyday, but we still manage to have fun :)

 Had a super fun time playing at Ali's with Carter, Sedra and Siri.
 Carter loves the bike
 Also played with our cousins Kate and Max.  Max is getting so big these days!
 We practice downward dog a lot.  He really only likes to do it on the couch for some reason.  Silly.
It's rare that I get to go to lunch with all four of my siblings.  It's even more rare that we all go with my Dad.  I just love this picture of us together.
Loves to stand on his rocking chair.  So proud of himself.
We try to take a family photo.  He's to wiggly for it these days.
He loves to keep his rabbit (or elephant) with him after he wakes up for a bit.  He sat and watched the snow for a while this morning.
Love them.

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