Monday, March 14, 2011


i wish i could type a lot, but i only have one hand. yesterday i was hit by a guy skiing and i broke my collar bone in 3 places. so incredibly painful. ugh.  surgery tomorrow, thankfully.  and thanks to grandma jane for dropping everything to fly out to be with us all week/end.

i have lots to blog about, but cant for a while. we had so much fun in st. george with ali last week...just sam and me.
 running with the BOB was awesome!

 so many bubbles

 siri gave sam lots of hugs.  love it

i wish a smile was what i'm really feeling, but...
i'm just not.  i'm in a lot of pain, but that will be relieved by the surgery and the plate and screws going into fix the bone that's broken in 3 places:(   more later when i can use both hands.

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