Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This boy makes me laugh
 Especially when he demands to wear his sunglasses....all.the.time
Since the weather turned blah again, we've been doing a lot in inside & at Gymboree.  He love, loves any balloon attached to his ring.  This is entertainment that can last a long time!
 We do lots and lots of reading and looking at books.  He just loves it.
 We went to see our good friend Laurent at his place in Alta over the weekend.  He loved watching it snow and just played and played at his house.  This pic makes me smile.
Unfortunately on the drive home, his eye was looking very suspect!  Went to Instacare and the doc said pink eye.  Luckily, on Monday when he woke up, all he had was a little redness and that's it.  I'm glad it didn't turn into the yucky and gross kind of pink eye.   Today, there's just a tiny bit of redness and that's it.  Thank goodness!

For the Grandparents :)

Oh, and I was reminded that I never mentioned on here that our HOUSE is for sale.  Yep, it is!

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