Sunday, May 1, 2011


 Last week we were doing a fair amount of hiking and being outside.  I even took my first bike ride of the year & almost 7 weeks after surgery.  I FELT GREAT!  The way I feel about biking now, is the way I used to feel about skiing.  I love skiing, but I'd rather be on my bike any day.  I just get SO excited thinking about my next ride!
 Doing a recon on the bike trail to make sure it wasn't muddy.

Sam is beginning to be such a good little hiker.  He's such a trooper already and seems to really like it :)
 We then woke up to this on Saturday morning.  I was pretty mad, but then quickly thought how lucky we are that we don't have total destruction of tornadoes and awful disasters right now.  It was pretty.
 It quickly melted and we were back outside.
 We've been talking about taking Sam up in the pack to ski all spring.  Well, this spring has been more like winter-cold and all so we didn't make it, not one time.  Might as well make the last weekend Alta was open.  He had THE BEST time!

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