Saturday, May 21, 2011

New whip on a Saturday!

Dan got this lovely new bicycle today.  He sold both his bikes and now has this one.  I wish I had one-it's SOOOOO nice!
Sam LOVED going bike shopping, trying on helmets, playing with all the pedals and just looking around.  Heaven.
First ride hours after we brought it home.  New bikes are a BIG deal in this house, so naturally he wanted to get on it as soon as possible.  I rode, then we switched Sam duties and he rode.  It's a great system we have going on :)
We had a super fun day being outside and playing since it wasn't raining for once!  I planted a bunch of herbs, so it feels like summer might be around the corner.  Maybe.  This pic wasn't from today, but I just love it from our time at the Zoo.  Happy weekend!

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