Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Come back

After Grandpa left on Monday morning, Sam wanted him to "come back!" all day long.  They had the most precious goodbye just after the little guy woke up.  It was so sweet and we already miss you so much!

Sam just adores him.  We could not even be around and everything would be fine.  I like to say he's in the Grandpa zone when Mike is here :)

 We rode Trax downtown to see the lights and have some dinner.  Sam LOVED it!  
Especially riding the "train"
 Just love this.

So many lights!!
Took him skiing a couple times.  It makes me happy to see Grandpa watching the little guy start to learn.
Such good times.  We cannot wait for your next visit! 
 While the boys had some time alone, we had our girls baking night.  I just love this.  And, I wanted to make sure I captured my Mom next to her trusty old stand mixer.  So old school, but it works!

Wassil, fudge, swedish spritz cookies, mints, dipped pretzels and salted caramels OH MY! 
 And, the scene around here lately.  Grandpa left and Dan had to go out of town for work.  Sam has been asking to watch the Grinch pretty much everyday.  So cute.  I love how he loves Christmas time.

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