Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Went on a hunt for our tree yesterday.
 I love the tree lot by our house...
 But, it just didn't have what we wanted-besides this cute picture.
 We finally found it further away.  It's perfect.
 A good little helper.  We listened to music and decorated before his nap.  The best.
So little and humble. 
 When Dan was out of town all week for work, we got to work on some fun rice krispy houses with Siri and chili with Ali and Mark.  
So yum.
 Oh my.  Love this.
 On Friday night, we had some of our close friends over for homemade pizza night.  Dan also wanted to make this kind of pie.  
I wouldn't choose apple out of other pies but man, this one he makes is SO good.
And the dough he also makes turns into some epic pizza.  Perfection!
Grandpa Mike is coming to visit this week.  We cannot wait!

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