Sunday, January 15, 2012


Most everyone knows, but I might as well put it on the blog!
We can't wait to welcome baby #2 in July.
Sam will be such a good big brother, I just know it.
I was pretty sick, just like I was with Sam although this time I seem to be feeling better already.  I'm 12 wks and have been feeling better in the last two weeks than I was at this point with Sam. 
I hope I've turned the corner and get my second wind! 
Still very tired all the time, but thankfully I don't feel like I want to vomit all day and night.
We ask him, "what's in mommy's tummy?"  He says in a quiet voice, "a baby!"
So excited for this new adventure that is sure to be full of change, challenges, busy, busy days... but most of all, 100% added joy to our lives!  
I always saw myself with two kids and I feel very thankful to be here, in this moment of my life.

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