Monday, May 7, 2012

28 weeks-Third Trimester!

Maternity Clothes: I like to be comfy, all the time.  Workout clothes are pretty much what I wear besides my stretchy capris/pants.  Have some cute maternity shirts as well that are way comfortable.  No jeans of any kind, please.
Movement:  A lot.  All the time.
Weight gain:  21lbs.  It's a miracle I only gained one pound in the last month.  That NEVER happened with Sam. 
Sleep:  OK.  Up at least twice to pee.  Usually toss and turn for a while at some point between 2 and 4am.  I'm exhausted by 8:30pm most nights and just want to lay on the couch!
Symptoms:  Peeing, A LOT.   Still tired around 2-3pm and need to rest while Sam naps.  Feeling quite big already and more pressure this early than I ever felt with Sam.
Cravings: I have weird ones all the time, but a constant would be fruit- pineapple and strawberries in particular. 
Best moment this week:  Feeling more and more confident that I can give birth unmedicated, at the birth center. This is such a good feeling for me (and Dan!).  I love all the midwives there and quite honestly can't imagine going back to an OB after knowing how great these women are, knowing they will be right beside me, helping me through it.  The more books I read, research I do and shows I see of doing this the way my body wants, in the time it wants, it makes me feel calm and ready to meet her. *Of course I'm nervous about the pain, but I'm learning more and more techniques and things to do to mentally and physically prepare for this big event.  If we end up having to go to the hospital at the last minute, I'm 100% OK with it as well.  
And just cause I love my boys so much...

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