Monday, May 14, 2012

Lots to celebrate

We've had a lot of fun this past week!
Last week we had a bunch of friends over for an early birthday party for Dan.  So much good food and many good friends.
Friday we didn't have plan, but ended up going to Ali and Mark's new house.  Yay for their very own home! We also went and had some yummy BBQ with them for dinner.
These two...they crack each other up.  
They mostly just laughed and growled, trying to make each other laugh.  I just love it.

On his morning rides through the house.  
I asked him to smile for me and he said "i want to do cheese!" 
This is what I got.  Super cheese ball!
Our cute cousin Marlies got MARRIED Saturday and had a beautiful reception in the Garden Room at Thanksgiving Point.   Oh my word, so gorgeous there!  Sam especially loved the treats and walking by the huge waterfalls and running up and down the big lawns.
Sam looked like he was ready to go play a game of golf.  I LOVE this outfit.   He was pretty upset I wanted a picture of it though :)
 Mother's Day was so very relaxing and just what I wanted.  What I really wanted for breakfast was pancakes/waffles with lots of butter and syrup,  but at this point, that kind of stuff just makes me feel so blah.  It's a huge bummer cause I love it, but it makes my insides hurt!  
Instead, I got my second favorite breakfast of sausage, eggs and super yummy hash browns. 
  Oh man, SO good.  Sam chows it down everytime.
After Sam's wonderfully long nap, we went to Jenn's for so more really good food. 
 She was an amazing host and made such good food!  
Dessert was especially pretty and delicious.  
  Mom, me, Ali & Jenn.  I just love them so much.  My Mom is a strong, beautiful and busy woman.  I have to say that I've picked up a lot of my parenting with Sam from the way she raised us.  
Such a good example.  
Happy Mother's day to you and of course Grandma Jane.  Love you both so much!
I am one lucky Mom.
 And, Happy 30th Birthday to Dan today!  
When I think of him, this is a lot of what I see.  Him out riding, running or playing with Sam. 
 Living his life to the fullest. 
He requested to go on a long bike ride after his long day at work. 
 I would have asked to do the same thing :)
 I love you!

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