Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A short visit

With Grandma Jane!
We always wish she would stay longer, but at least it's better than not seeing her at all.
Sam loves her and they played so much together.
We went on a couple walks, chatted a lot, ate really good food and just enjoyed her being here.  
Can't wait for the next visit, which will be shortly after little sister arrives.
 First thing we did was go right to dinner for some Pho noodles, per her request.  YUM!
Asia Palace.  Go there. It's cheap.  It's way good.
 Played at the park for a while
 He was such a good helper on Saturday, taking all the branches out to the curb for cleanup.
The second request from Jane...eat at another one of our favorites, the taco cart off State Street :)  
It's ghetto but seriously, seriously delicious tacos-each for $1.
Can't beat that.
 We played at Wheeler Farm with Ali, Jenn and kids then went for another yummy meal.  
This time at Stella Grill.  Also very delicious.  
Why haven't we been there before? 
Dan's early 30th Birthday dessert.  That sauce....wow.  So good.
 Sunday morning we kept it mellow while Sam played in this box.  He just loved it.  So silly.
We then stuffed our bellies with a yummy brunch at the Porcupine.  
We don't normally like going to breakfast/brunch cause Dan makes such good stuff at home, but we love the brunch there.

After naps we went for a walk on the Quarry trail while Dan biked.  He LOVED throwing rocks in the river by the bridge.  
Perfect place to wait for Dad and play.
We then ended the night with a pretty amazing dinner.  
Jane brought a bottle of wine made by a very close friend of theirs who passed away last winter from cancer.  Since it was the last bottle, they wanted a special  dinner to go with it.  
Holy cow. 
 So rich and delicious...and rich were those potatoes!  
Went perfectly with the bbq'd asparagus and lamb chops.
 Cheers to you Steve Garrett!
And thanks to Grandma Jane for driving a long way, the food and spending time with us.

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