Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Oh, Naomi Jane.
You came so quick, easy and lifeless into our life yesterday.
It's unbearable to think about and devastating for us, but we will get through this in time.
You are so loved by us and your brother and so precious. 
This is the hardest time of our lives.
It will take time, but will get better.
I'll share her birth story, details and our thoughts after her small funeral this weekend.


Meg said...

Oh Liz, don't rush it, take the time you need to grieve and cope and know that people are here for you. Thoughts and prayers to your family always!

Hot Hot JJ said...

I can not imagine grieving the loss of a child. Nothing will ever be harder. My gosh, so so sad.

Worn Right said...

My deepest condolences. Such a tragedy. In the face of immense adversity, you will find your greatest strength.

Edra Davidson said...

I think I have pinpointed why I have felt SO much emotion and hardcore (to the depth of my soul feelings) over your news. Its as simple as this: It brought back my (minor compared to yours) nightmare from last spring.
My heart has been so heavy this week knowing how much HARDER this has been and will be for you and its almost debilitated me.
Liz I am so saddened and honestly hurting for you right now. I pray every day for you to have the peace in your heart and the strength to move on. Big hugs to your family. We will be thinking of you.