Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Grandma Jane visits

As always, we had such good times with Grandma Jane.  I'm pretty sure I say this everytime she has to leave, but I SO wish she lived here...We can keep wishing and hoping ;)
We did a lot in the 2.5 days she was here.
 Swam with Ali and girls on Saturday afternoon before a yummy dinner at Oh Mai.  So good.
 Went to the Farmer's Market at Wheeler Farm
 Followed by more swimming at the Murray pool.  He loves that dang slide!
 After a long nap, we ventured up to the Oktoberfest at Snowbird.  We really wanted to ride the tram, but the wait was over an hour, so we rode the Peruvian chair instead.  Such a better way to get up the least for us.  We loved being in the open air and Sam really loves being high in the air and watch the chair go over the "wheels" each time we pass a tower :)
 Jane has never been to Cecret Lake and we wanted to see Sam hike again, so we took her there Monday afternoon.  It's beautiful!
We had dinner at Tsunami and then Indian take out the last night she was here.  
So much good food.
We wanted to go visit Naomi and bring her flowers, but we had to stop for some yummy breakfast before.  This kid LOVES pancakes and syrup.  Since we don't really eat that in our house, it's a total treat for him.  He ate 1.5 of those big fat pancakes.  Shoveled it in his mouth!
 Jane got beautiful flowers for little sister.  It's so very emotional going to see her.  Good emotions and good crying.  It's all part of our grieving process and crying whenever we need to is very good for both of us it seems.
Sam put these cute little birds on her "special grass place"  They are so pretty.
Can't wait for your next visit Grandma!

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