Monday, September 10, 2012

Bear Lake

What a fun time we had!
Perfect weather (minus the one afternoon of huge wind)
Perfect water
and great company...Grandpa Mike and Ellen.
We play lots and lots.  Ate good food, did some biking and enjoyed a relaxing time.
This place is beautiful!

 Ideal Beach is great because it's so kid friendly.  Huge lawn, sand, playground and awesome water.  I wouldn't however pay that much again to stay in such an old condo :)  The trade off is how limited the crowds are, so that was nice.
 Good morning.
 Dan and I got to ride while Grandpa and Ellen stayed with Sam.
View from the ride called Stump Hollow.

It was seriously windy in this photo.  Had to go in just after coming out it was so bad.  Thank goodness that didn't last too long.
 Grandpa showing Sam how to dance in the water :)
 Running in for more!
 Caught his own crawfish
 Clear ripples of sand and water.

Lots of sandcastle building.
 Dad, Grandpa and Ellen rode while Sam and I had some alone time....shakes and french fries!
 Went for a short hike/bike to see a cool Limber Pine tree.
 He got REALLY good at this climbing wall.
 So pretty.
 Also lots of rock throwing.  LOTS.
 Just me and my boy.
 Frisbee time!
 Love them
 Grandpa brought this cool raft.  Sam was SO ready to get in.  It was awesome!
These adorable.
It was great to get away and see Grandpa, as always.  Can't wait for his return this coming Sunday for a bit!

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