Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year

Dan and I spent new years eve w/ Ali, Mark and Siri at the torchlight. We then at some yummy dinner. We went home and spent some time just hanging out with each other. Sadly, we didn't make it til midnight, but we wished each other a happy new year before we both fell asleep!

We have a couple small, very reachable goals for 2009 and some that we may or may not make, but I wanted to at least try (mostly house related on the big stuff). I'm not normally one to write these down or anything, but we did this time around.

Dan is going to do another super long, endurance race. He wants to suffer. For some reason that makes him feel really happy, which I really admire. He's thinking the Wasatch Speed Goat in the summer. That's a 50k trail run...yeah, 50k, holy crap.

I've been walking 18-20 miles a week for the last 2 months and I want to continue my dedication to that, my strength training and the spinning...etc things I'm already doing.

I'd like to run a 5k in the next 2-3 months. I even thought about a 10k...we'll see.

We'd like to serve others and give more.

We'd like to keep working on improving the outside of our house, get the backyard complete.

We have some fun traveling coming up in the next 3 months. Skiing in Jackson for 5 days (paid for by Marmot!) and Italy for 2.5 weeks in March...woohoo!

Happy New Year everyone!

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Brooke said...

Happy New Year! Wow your life sounds exciting! That's awesome that you are going to do a 5 or 10k...let me know when you do it, maybe I'll enter too! That would be so fun! WOW a 50k endurance race Dad! Way to go you guys!