Sunday, April 5, 2009


We spent 5 days here. What a great city. This is a place for art lovers! Since we didn't want to pay to go into every museum, we walked A LOT and just looked at many things from the outside. We did see the David, which as just breath taking, soooooo cool. We stayed in a great little hotel...Casa Lea which had THE BEST gelato across the street that we had on our entire trip. Plus, there was a pastry shop and supermarket right around the corner of the hotel as well...what more could you ask for!

We also found 4 parks behind the hotel where we spent the majority of two of our days just reading, lounging and observing the locals. There were pretty much NO tourists there, which was awesome.

Dan ate a 2 lb. steak at one of our favorite places to eat. We also had the best panacotta I've ever tasted, so good! This wraps up our adventures in Italy. We'll never forget this place :)

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Brooke said...

That looks so fun! I hope to get there someday! You guys look so happy together, what a fun trip!