Friday, November 6, 2009

a shower for baby

Thanks to Ali, Jenn, Mom, Sheri and Kerrah for a lovely shower last night, it was so fun! The food was way yummy too! We got things we needed and some really cute clothes. I can't wait for him to wear all these gifts! Everyone is so generous, so I thank all of you!


shara and jeff said...

i didn't know that you were even having a shower yet. we would have come and had a great time with you. i hope that everthing is going good for you and i am excited its getting close, babies are so much fun.
well just wanted to say sorry for missing it and i wish we would have know. but im glad it was a good night.

shara and jeff said...

i wish we would have known about the shower, it would have been fun to see you guys again and i love showers. i hope it all was great and i am glad that its getting close to the end for you, i love babies they are so fun. well good luck and hopefully we will see each other soon.