Thursday, May 13, 2010

4 months

Another phase gone by and another one starting!  Sam is 4 months today and SO cute, of course :)
Everyday seems different with him, yet we have a pretty good routine going.
Some things:
*Weighs 12.2 lbs  (7%).  Small, but doing just fine!  24.75 (48%) inches tall and his head is 16 (14%) inches around.
*Started rice cereal this week-i don't think he likes it from a spoon.  Also had sweet potatoes for his first time last night.  Seemed OK with it (way better than the rice cereal), but it's gonna take some time for him to get used to a spoon.  We try twice a day.
*He's on a feed, wake, sleep cycle.  He eats 5x's a day with rice cereal in two of his bottles followed by lots of playtime and then a nap
*He naps three times a day.  We're lucky if he makes it 45-1 hr and we feel VERY lucky if he'll go 1.5 hrs.  His last nap of the day is always shortest.   He's always been a crappy napper, so hopefully he'll start to really get it in the next two months.
*He started giggling last week.  Last night was the most he's actually laughed, it was SO awesome.
*He's starting to get the hang of his jumper.  We normally do that at least once a day.  He also spends a little time in the exersaucer.
*He can hold things and sort of grabs for toys if he really wants them.  He's definitely using his hands more.
*He is OBSESSED with his hands in his mouth.  Nothing beats that, not even the binki.
*Sleeps 11-11.5 hrs at night.  Down around 7:30pm and up just after 7am.   He's such a good night sleeper.  Is still swaddled.  We'll prob. stop that when he's rolling over more.
*Really knows our voices.  His smile seriously melts our heart, every time.
*Has randomly rolled over from tummy to belly a couple times and back to tummy once.  He probably won't get it consistantly for another month or two.  He will stay on his tummy for a couple minutes w/ out crying, which is a big improvement.

We love you Sam!  Here are some pics for ya'll and so I can look back as I always like to do.

Cooks with Dad sometimes :)
Watches us cook in the bumbo, on the counter
Starting to hold toys and realize he can do it
Liked the sweet potatoes
His back is getting stronger by the day.  He loves to try and "sit up"

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