Tuesday, May 11, 2010

little bum

oh how i love sam and his little bum!  we found out he really IS little.  he's only 12.2 lbs, which is only 7 percentile for his height and age (4months).  our pediatrician seems to think he's ok, but was concerned for sure.  sam starts rice cereal this week and then i'll add in veggie baby food next week, per our doc's orders :) i hope he beefs up a bit by 6 months, which is when we see dr. witt again. 
cute little boy!

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Jessica, Tavis & Davin Cain said...

dont worry! davin has ALWAYS been between the 3-5% for his age :) we had to start him on rice cereal and foods at 4 months too, but it never really changed anything - except his poops! haha! he looks great (as do you and daniel), so keep up the good work mama!!!
xoxo, jj