Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sam is rolling over pretty consistantly on his right side from back to tummy-it just started to happen this weekend and especially today, so awesome! He kept rolling over when we were at Justin and Kerrah's for dinner tonight-also awesome!  It's amazing what these little milestones mean to us as parents.  He's getting bigger and stronger, right before our eyes.  He's 4.5 months today.

 (I can't get blogger to upload, so click below to view some video)
 Sam rolls over

He's been doing this grunting/growling thing, mainly when he's happy.  Makes us laugh!
Sam-so much noise!

Also, he likes to stand so I put in his crib to see how long he could lean against it.  He was a happy boy!

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Meg said...

Reed loved/loves sleeping on his stomach. He rolled over at 4 months and never went back! I stressed about him sleeping on his belly, but he actually slept better that way. He is now only a belly sleeper, now kinda with his butt in the air!