Thursday, May 27, 2010

And just like that....

We have a tummy sleeper.  Considering how much he hated his tummy, I didn't think this time would come for at least another month or two.  We've swaddled him since day one and last night was the first night without it.  He did great.  We heard a little something around 10:30pm, but he was quiet right after that until 7am.  I napped him with just his legs swaddled yesterday and the day before to get him used to his arms being out and it went OK.  He was definitely like "whoa, I'm all exposed!" at first.    I think it scared/freaked him out a bit.
This is how I found him after a nap yesterday.  Happy as a clam

So, he's rolling over at night, but he won't put on a show for us during the day so we can see it.  He's pretty much there going from back to tummy when I'm playing w/ him during the day, but it seems like he'll only do it all the way when we aren't around :)  
Here's a few more, just cause we love him....
Still very happy when he gets his diaper changed

We LOVE his toes

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