Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This little boy is being so cute these days.  He's been squirming and moving a lot more.  He rolled over a couple times while he was playing on his tummy the other day after his nap (he's normally pretty happy when I go get him), it was awesome.  I looked over and all the sudden he had rolled over and his face was like, "what did I just do?" so cute.  Some pics just because.  Oh, and I wasn't really prepared for just how orange his poop would be after carrots, sheesh!    He seems to really like them so he's had them the last 3 days and day by day, is getting better at eating from a spoon :)

Love him.
 Oh, and Ali gave Dan ingredients for his b-day to make this treat.   You MUST make it.  So good.

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