Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Saturday.

It's really hard for me NOT to put pictures of Sam on here :)  He was such a good boy today and I managed to get some good stuff on the camera.

Finishing snuggle time with Dad
Mom can never kiss me enough :)
Tummy time is becoming more enjoyable each day

Today's walk was bright.  Might as well wear shades from Auntie Re!

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Meg said...

dude, my blog has become a shrine to Reed - you just can't help it!!! And that's what we all love to read about anyway.

Ok, I LOVE the picture of you kissing him, that's what Reed kinda does too like "mom! stop kissing me all the time!". And I love that he is way into tummy time now! Reed hated it to start but it was so helpful in getting him to roll over faster.

Let's get together and have these boys play together sometime!