Sunday, June 13, 2010

5 months

Another month has come and gone, time sure is flying!  Lots has happened in the last couple weeks.  Milestones that we as parents look forward to and get so excited about :)  Of course, we think Sam just keeps getting cuter and more handsome as the weeks go by.  He's SUCH a joy and we love, love him.
*Sleeps 11-12 hrs @ night.  He's normally tired by 7pm and down by 7:30. 
*Rolls over on both sides from back to tummy.  He can roll from tummy to back, but he only does that at night in his crib, not really for us yet during the day.  He's close.
*Takes 2 naps for sure and sometimes a 3rd late in the day.  He'll normally sleep for at least an hour and change, but it varies everyday.  (like today, he slept for 3 hrs in the afternoon-that NEVER happens!)
*Sitting up well.  I'm sure he'll be solid in the next month.
*He's been on lots of little hikes with us.
*Been to the pool 4 times now (we got a summer pass at the Draper pool).   He did great his first time and did great all last week. 
*Started solids a month ago and he's getting better and better at eating from a spoon each day.  He LOVES mango and any fruit.  Likes squash, sweet potatoes, veggies w/ pureed meat.  Doesn't really like beans or peas, but we give it to him anyway.  Also likes coconut milk.
*Reaches for everything to put it in his mouth.  Can play with toys much better now.
*Likes the exersaucer, bumbo and jumper...bounce, bounce, bounce!
*Loves to sit outside and observe/listen to things.
*Really lights up when we sing ABC's or Wheels on the Bus.
*Weighs 14.2 lbs and is taller, not sure how tall though.  We'll see at the 6 mon. checkup in July.

Oh Sam, you're growing so fast before our eyes, we love it and know that the times of you being totally stationary will come to an end too soon.  You're already such a mover.  Yikes!

I spy a Sam in the crib!
Siri likes the crib too
sweet potatoes
Sam loves to stand and stand in the corner of the crib, looking at anyone that will smile at him:)
 Loves the mobile on his crib.  He could sit or lay there forever just watching and listening to it