Tuesday, July 13, 2010

6 months

Time flies when you're having fun!  Seems like a lot has happened in the world of Sam the last month.  He is such the cutest boy and we just love him.  We've had lots of "firsts" lately, it's been great.
Some of these include- holding a sippy cup, riding in the bike trailer, eating in the booster seat instead of the bumbo, slept over at the cabin, rides in shopping carts like a big boy, got himself into "crawling" stance last night from sitting up, nommed on some rice rusks, ate a couple puffs and spinach, baths in the tub or showers with us.  
I feel like he's getting so big before our eyes and he's not even crawling yet, sheesh!
Some Sam stats:
*Still sleeping 11-12 hrs at night.  Usually 7 or 7:30pm to 7am
*Takes two naps.  Both about 1.5 hrs each.  Usually at 10am and again at 2pm
*Takes 4 bottles a day and eats baby food 4 times as well.  Usually 3 veggie and 1-2 fruit.  We'll give him super easy finger foods more here in the next month or so.
*Weighs 16.16lbs (27%) and is 25.5 inches tall (20%).  His head is 17 inches around (36%)
*Wears 6-9 month clothes in most everything
*Won't take a binki.  I never thought he'd be anti binki, but he sure is now.
*Has become quite vocal.  He actually makes a lot of little noises like a puppy or mouse.  We call him a little mouse lately.  One day, he just started being so vocal, making all sorts of loud noises.
*Holds and reaches for toys great now.  He can pick up most anything and usually reach and hold what he wants.  He'll put anything in his mouth that he can reach.  That is good and bad now days :)
*Is a champion sitter upper (not a word, I know)
*Can sit up and play with toys independently.  Lasts anywhere between 10 and 30 mins doing this before boredom sets in :)
*Loves to be rolled to and from each side of our bed, all while sucking on all of his fingers.
*He's been swimming pretty much every other day for the last month now.  He's SO great at being in the water.
*Loves to hangout in the jumper, exersaucer, floor with toys, bumbo or booster seat.
*Loves to people watch, especially while in a swing.  He could do this all day I think
*Is becoming attached to his Mom a bit.  He definitely knows Mom and Dad and when they aren't holding or near him :)
*We now can't leave him on the changing pad alone or anything like that. I caught him mid fall at the Dr.'s office yesterday. I had that "i'm such a bad mom" moment cause one second my kid was sitting up and the next, he was rolling right off the table...he is ON the move already.
And of course, some pics to look back on....
 Sometimes I'm a silly Mom and make him wear Kate's crown and play with the hula hoop.  Ha!

 Love you, Love you Sam!

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Amber said...

Your Sam is absolutely darling as well! Sounds like Sam is on the exact sleeping schedule as Connor! :) He is a good traveler and sleeps well anywhere - so we take his playpen with us on trips and he does fine. He also sleeps/travels well in the car. It's nothing we've done - other than I just try to stay strict on his routine - no matter where we are. Then he is usually always happy that way. Connor sleeps in the morning for a couple of hours (sometimes it's shorter - he'll eventually give this nap up in the future), and he takes a good, long afternoon nap - usually 2 1/2 hrs to 3 hrs. He goes to sleep at night around 8:30pm and always wakes up on the dot around 7am. So there you have it! Sounds like Sam is doing the same thing ... I think Connor just was born to travel - we are lucky that way. He likes his carseat, doesn't mind the playpen, etc. It's been fun to take him places and not have it be stressful. It really looks like you are enjoying being a mom just as much as I am - Sam is a cutie! :)