Saturday, July 10, 2010

SO much joy

Being a Mom is hard, I've said it before.  It's demanding, frustrating, crazy, on and on...Tonight when I came home from my bike ride, I walked in and there was Dan and Sam, right at the door.  I quickly said hi and caught Sam's attention and he instantly smiled, like, really big and a lot.  He was so, so happy that I had to pull out the camera cause my heart filled with so much joy and love and I just needed to capture it.
I'm so glad I'm his Mom and feel so happy when I walk in and he just loves me and wants to "talk" and smile with me, it makes me feel SO loved and it's such an amazing feeling.  It's nice to have a similar, but different feeling from Dan as well, just so awesome.
We got several good pics, but here a rea couple I really like.   This sums up the 20 minutes before bed tonight. 
Love my boys so much.
He's already getting attached to his Mom and I'm not sure how to break it, but I love it.

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