Wednesday, July 21, 2010

in no particular order...

This is what Dan looks like before he attempts to dead lift 350lbs (twice his bodyweight, mind you) Crazy, isn't he?  Notice the dumbbells taped onto the ends...that's what happens when you don't have enough plates cause you're really strong.  Again...crazy.
And this is what he looks actually lifting the 350lbs.  He seriously WORKED to get that and I'm amazed (and proud of course) he did after doing a pretty hard workout earlier in the morning before work.  Again....crazy.  He's been training really hard for the Wasatch Speed Goat race, happening a week from Saturday.   He'll run/hike 11,700 vertical feet, over 32 miles.  Crazy yes, but he loves this kind of stuff.  GO DAN!!  Can't wait to watch you cross the finish line along with Sam and Grandma Jane :)
And totally unrelated....happiness!
Sam and I watched the Draper parade with Ali, Mark and Siri.  It was so fun to be with them and little man did great!
Can't get over how much we love his happy face.
This morning, we rode bikes with Ali, it was really fun.  She had Siri in her trailer, and Sam was in ours, wish I got a picture of that.  We watched Mark skate for a bit then headed back to their house for Sambeans nap.  Before he went down, he watched  Signing Times with Siri.  He couldn't take his eyes off of it....I think I need to buy the DVD's here soon!

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