Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sam was so happy, along with us that it rained last night and cooled off.  We sat outside for a long time.  He was so content.   These two are my loves.
We then played on our bed for a bit.  Sam kept going into his "crawl" stance.  He rocks back and forth sometimes.  He's so silly.
He doesn't really ever wear shoes.  I bought him some last week so his feet don't get all dirty and things when he's outside in the walker.  I would buy tons of shoes if I could and if he was bigger.  Right now, bare feet are the way to go :)

Friday we're picking Grandma Jane up from the airport and heading to Snowbird to spend the night.   Dan will run his race up there Saturday and we can't wait to see him finish.   We're lucky to be able to have Dan's mom with us through Monday.  Oh, we also went on a fun bike ride with Ali and Siri this morning.  I really need to get pictures of that.  It's so much fun.

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Kendra said...

Thanks for your helpful tips!! I am not totally opposed to some "crying it out", I just am fearful of TWO crying, screaming babies in the middle of the night....and how long are do we let it last? How long did you let him cry for?

Also, when you said "we get him out of his crib at 7am", do you wake him? Or is he up then?