Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun!

We had quite the weekend here at our house and up at Snowbird for Dan's race.  Grandma Jane and I took over 150-200 pictures of all the happenings. (warning: lots 'o pics on this post!)
Jane came in Friday night.  We picked her up and went right to Snowbird to stay the night.  Dan was at the start for the race by 5:45am, while Grandma and I hung out with Sam.  We cruised the plaza deck, hung out in the sun, ate breakfast and played on the bed in the condo, little man loved every minute of the morning activities before nap time. 
Sam did so great waiting in line for the Tram, on it up and down and at the finish line, despite it being nap time for some of it in the afternoon.  What a trooper!
Dan was motoring up the hill when we took this picture.  He hadn't heard us yelling at him yet, but as soon as he heard and saw us above, he started running the last bit of this hill coming up from Mineral Basin.  This was the last climb of the race and where we got to see him at the last aid station before heading down to the finish line.  He looked great! (@ mile 26.5)
Happy to be done.  He finished in 8:01 and was 53 out of about 200 racers.  Yesterday he said he wasn't really sore at all and when we had dinner on Saturday night, it was like, oh, I ran the big deal, that's how good he felt a couple hours later :)  His training definitely paid off, we're so proud of him.
My Dad came to see Dan finish.  It was good to see him and so nice of him to make the effort to come up and be there. 
The rest of the weekend we relaxed, went to Costco, swimming, dinner at the Porcupine, played in the walker, watched Sam in his crawling/I'm almost on the move postion (which he does A LOT now...oh boy), hiked to a cool waterfall, played with Grandma and of course, went swinging at the park...we went lots of places and loved every minute of it!
This is the way we see Sam a lot these days.  He's scooting backwards and sort of lunging forward with one knee when he really wants a toy or one of us.  He rocks back and forth a ton and you can just tell he wants to move, move, move.  I wasn't really prepared for him to start doing this at 6.5 months, I thought it happened at more like 8ish months.  Most people keep saying "give him a month or so and he'll be crawling"  Oh man, things are happening too fast, but it's so exciting.  We love it.
The waterfall not far from our house.  Nice, cool and refreshing on a hot, hot day.
Such a good weekend.  We're always sad when any of Dan's family has to leave us.  We want them here all the time!  Oh, and thanks to Ali, Mark and Siri for hanging out with us too :)


Meg said...

It's so fun reading about you guys, it's like us 6 months ago! Sam is just so cute and unbelievably happy! Hope he crawls soon for you guys, it's so much fun. We should hang out sometime...

Ali T said...

I LOVE that last picture!

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Jude is an excellent napper. Two weeks ago, we made the transition to Phase 2 of the Baby Wise program. Jude is taking 3 naps a day...ranging from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours...morning, afternoon and early evening!