Monday, August 16, 2010

Sam-7 Months

I'm not sure this boy could be any cuter, seriously.  I mean, I know I'm biased, but really, we are just loving this boy so much and he's so handsome!  Just in the last 4 weeks, I feel like he's gotten so much stronger, aware and shows more of his personality to us.

*Great sleeper at night-11 to 12 hrs.  Usually 7:30-7ish.
*Ok napper.  Takes two everyday.  Sometimes they're 1 hour or 1.5 or 2-  each day is different it seems.
*We think he weighs between 17 and 18 lbs.  He's definitely getting taller.
*Wears mostly 9 months clothes, some 6 month still. 
*Eats 4 bottles a day (usually 6-8 oz.) and 2 fruit and veggies.  He also snacks a bit on puffs or other random things we might be eating-mostly fruit I cut up for him.  He loved the avocado Dan gave him :)  He's not a big eater or shows us that he's hungry, so we have to make sure we feed him enough!
*Still isn't sure about a sippy, but he's holding it better now and actually drinks the water out of it.  Gave him a bit of watered down juice, he didn't really show he liked it either way.
*No teeth yet
*Loves the pool, bath, stroller, kid carrier for hikes, walker, jumper, swings and standing in his crib-of course.  He also especially loves his Auntie Kerrah.  There's something about her that just makes him smile and laugh so big every single time we see her (not nearly enough!).  It's adorable.  He likes to play peek a boo or any kind of little game like that, makes him laugh.
* Likes when we sing and read to him. 
*He's almost (days away) from really crawling.  He can take consecutive steps forward and go from sitting to crawling no problem.  I'm still a bit shocked it's happening already.  He can pull himself up on short things and you can tell he really wants to pull himself up onto taller things.  He also rolls over everywhere and does the silliest "downward dog" pose inbetween crawling, it's seriously funny.

He loves to stand on the couch and jump/dance

 Loves playing with Dad. A lot.
Trying to pull himself up on the chair
He goes from this..... this in seconds.  He then proceeds to try and reach or crawl to anything and everything :)

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