Sunday, August 22, 2010


In the last week, Sam has really solidified his crawl.  He's a strong little boy and I can't believe that he went from dragging his tummy and knees to full on crawling in just a matter of days.  Since then, of course all he wants to do is go to wherever he thinks he can pull himself up.  If he could, he'd pull himself up on anything in sight, which, he normally tries to do, but isn't strong enough yet. 
If his little play table is within his eyesight,  that's the first thing he goes for when we set him down (no matter how many toys or pillows are in the way, he'll crawl over them!)

...annnnd GO!
Got it!

This table is my favorite!

And some bath fun just because.  Of course, all he wants to do is crawl in the water.
Hope ya'll had a good weekend.  Ours was full of this and watching Matt and Sheri's kids.  I SO wish I had pics of all the fun I had with them (cause we had a ton of fun) but our smashed camera wouldn't do and Dan was nice enough to get a camera for us, just today :)

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