Thursday, September 9, 2010

On a boat!

Last Saturday, we got to go wakeboarding with our awesome cousins, the Cravens.  It was SO fun to be out on the boat and it was Sam's first time on the lake and on a boat.  He did so great after he warmed up to everyone a bit and got used to the loud noise of the boat.  He actually loved when we were going fast, rather than just sitting there in the water :)
Considering he missed his morning nap, he was such a trooper.  He took a quick cat nap on the way back to shore and then crashed when we got home for almost 3 hrs.
Aunt cute with little Sammers.
Drivin' a boat!
And in other news...Sam still has this dang cold.  His face has been really red/rashy the past 4 days, especially under his little eye, so sad.  He's been sleeping fine, but today he's been a sad bear.  I'm hoping the congestion will start going away soon, it's just so sad to hear ( in combination with the cough). 
Thankfully, he has lots and lots of toys to keep his mind off the cold...although he'd much rather find things other than toys to play with cause we all know that anything that ISN'T a toy is fun to play with or get into.
Lastly, my brothers and I went a super fun ride Labor Day morning.  I just love riding with them!

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